Litigation - Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT)

Land disputes can be some of the most perplexing issues to litigate before the courtsWhen considering bylaws, zoning intricacies, and conflicting interests, it becomes evident why even experienced realtors, agents, or developers may find themselves unsatisfied and uncertain about the way forward. At Exilex, we understand these struggles, as we are well-versed in litigating for our clients’ professional interests before the Ontario Land Tribunal.

Mediation: We excel in facilitating mediation processes to resolve land disputes efficiently and amicably. Our approach is rooted in finding mutually beneficial solutions that align with our clients' objectives while mitigating the adversarial nature of litigation.

Appeals: We bring forth persuasive arguments and a nuanced understanding of the appellate process to secure favorable outcomes for each and every one of our clients.

Zoning Disputes: Our team conducts rigorous analysis of zoning ordinances, identifying potential areas of contention in order to secure our clients’ best interests. In cases where negotiation proves challenging, Exilex’s seasoned litigators initiate legal proceedings to champion and fight for our client’s rights before the tribunal.