Not every case goes as smoothly as expected. On some occasions, applicants may need to appear in a hearing to resolve an issue related to their Temporary or Permanent residency application, Refugee Claim, Admissibility, Arrest and Detention, etc. These issues vary in terms of the stages of application.

Although litigation is a highly technical, time-consuming, expensive, and stressful process, it is an inevitable process if clients seek restoration of justice. In addition, the final moment of victory is worth all the efforts and hassles.

At Exilex, we are committed to remaining by your side every step of the process and make this process less stressful.

Our team, litigate all types of Immigration cases including but not limited to refugee claims, immigration appeal, refugee appeal, detention reviews and inadmissibility. The bodies before which we represent these cases are as follows:

Refugee cases before the following bodies:

  • The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada
  • The Immigration Appeal division
  • The Refugee Appeal Division
  • Federal Court