Tech startups

Tech Startups

A Tech startup is often a newly developed company that tends to solve a problem in the market through a technology-based solution. These companies may create a new technology or service, or deliver existing technology products or services in an innovative way.

In recent years, Canada has been investing greatly in startup companies. The reason is clear, tech startups are the future employers and their solutions can solve major issues related to healthcare, fintech, and the environment.

Amongst Canadian cities, Toronto has become a technology hub of some of the most prominent tech startups in the world.

Although the startups are receiving more help these days compared to ten years ago, it is essential for entrepreneurs to be able to compete successfully to have access to these resources. To succeed, entrepreneurs need to be a lot more sophisticated and well-prepared to take their company to the market and raise capital.

Tech startups can be in various industries, but most of them are amongst the following: