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Mostafa Hosseini is a Canadian Lawyer and a Member of the Law Society of Ontario in Good Standing. Mostafa has more than 12 years of combined experience in Corporate Law and Immigration Law. He has provided consultation to numerous international companies and handled numerous successful immigration cases including Investment, Entrepreneurship, Economic Immigration, all types of Temporary and Permanent Residency as well as Refugee cases and litigation.

Mostafa immigrated to Canada as a skilled worker in 2013, leaving behind his family and legal career as a lawyer in Iran. Similar to most first-generation Canadians he had to overcome challenges such as lack of financial stability, cultural differences, and uncertainties about the future. Every step was accompanied by facing the unknown! However, he was determined to make Canada home, where he could grow and succeed. Mostafa graduated from law school in Tehran in 2009 and finished his LLM at Osgoode Hall law school in 2016. After meeting the National Committee of Accreditation requirements and passing the Bar exams, he was called to the Law Society of Ontario in June 2018.

Mostafa founded Exilex Legal Professional Corporation in January 2020 in Toronto, Canada, to fulfill his vision of establishing a unique law firm that has a practical approach at solving clients legal matters. Exile’s unique value proposition is its mandate to educate its target audience. Mostafa does believe that every single issue for every immigrant is rooted in the lack of knowledge. Exilex’s different approach in methodology manifests itself through empowering current and future applicants to make informed decisions about their future as immigrants.

Mostafa Hosseini