At Exilex we process all types of cases and applications for entering Canada. At Exilex, we DON’T guarantee results, but we guarantee that you are dealing with one of the most professional and experienced immigration law firms in Ontario. Our network of professionals’ combined experience guarantees a seamless process for our clients.

Each year, thousands of individuals apply to come to Canada under different programs and visas, oblivious about their rights and responsibilities at the time they enter into a contract with an immigration consultant or agency. Despite regulations enforced by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council – ICCRC-CRCIC, a great number of individuals practice immigration consultancy without a license, inside or outside Canada. Furthermore, a large number of immigration consultants that operate with ICCRC’s license, do so without following the regulations of the Council and take advantage of their clients by not providing them authentic information, or misinforming them about the process.

Exilex’s processing services are delivered in full transparency, to make sure our clients make informed decisions about their case and to avoid putting our client in a disadvantageous position.

  • Some of our most popular applications are as follows: