parsa ayani

Data Engineer

Parsa joins Exilex’s highly-accomplished array of legal talent in working to solidify the perfect outcomes clients have come to expect when retaining Exilex’s legal services.

Having worked as a self-taught programmer and software developer for over 8 years, Parsa has extensive experience working in IT, systems management, and building secure, deployable, scalable applications on behalf of businesses.

His technical background aside, Parsa is a graduate from McMaster University’s honors Political Science program, which specialized in Public Law and Judicial Studies. During this tenure, he also achieved two distinct minors in Sociology and Entrepreneurship. Moreover, he tutored for various subjects including English, Writing, Software Engineering, and Biomedical Product Design.

With a deep passion for both law and technology, Parsa serves as a great addition to Exilex’s legal team towards its unwavering commitment to provide clients with cutting-edge legal services to a level of accuracy previously thought to be impossible as a result of technological constraints.