Hassan Valaee

Of Counsel

Hassan graduated in Law in 2002 and was called to the bar in 2008. Upon graduation, Hassan started his career as an educator and founded one of the largest Legal Professional education institutions in Iran. To date, the institution still ranks as the number one of Legal education institutions in the country. Hassan’s passion for law drawn him to the legal education industry, and throughout his professional life, Hassan remained engaged in the world of education. He has assisted with establishing and growing multiple legal education institutions. He also has consistently been working as an instructor and tutor in various areas of law, especially in the real estate  and debt collection law.

Hassan has been practicing law as a litigation lawyer since 2008, with focus on Corporate and Real Estate Law. He is also main legal counsel to a large number of construction enterprises. To date, Hassan has handled more than 200 litigation cases.

In 2012, Hassan and Mostafa founded the first licensed Iranian immigration consulting firm, Rah Inc. Since inception of the firm, Hassan processed a variety of immigration cases, including Canadian Skilled Worker Class, European Investment Immigration, and Quebec’s Skilled worker and investment immigration programs.

Hassan speaks five languages: Farsi, Turkish, Kurdish, French and English, and enjoys his leisure time as a singer and  Persian Classical music.